Text donations applied to donors cell phone bill


2give Info
  • Collect $5, $10 or $25 donations, with the option of recurring donations, billed directly to the donors cell phone. Use custom keywords for your fundraising campaign.
  • Transactions in 2 easy steps
  • Best for general public use & attracting new donors/followers
  • Build your brand equity with custom keyword(s)
  • Low cost revenue stream with easily reachable return on investment
  • Donors can opt-in to communication tools for relationship building
  • Collect additional information with keytags (name, email, location)
  • Web widgets can be shared with your followers turning them into fundraisers for you and your campaign.
Donate by Web & Facebook
Custom Color Options Available

Live donations and messages

2give widget Burgundy Widget


2give Requires Mobile Giving Foundation Approval

(Download a PDF of their guidelines HERE)


Mobile Giving Foundation

Connect2give is an authorized Application Service Provider through the Mobile Giving Foundation, which has arranged agreements with all available cell phone carriers. These carriers have cooperatively agreed to provide this service without excessive commissions and fees to qualified 501(c) 3 organizations. Through the Mobile Giving Foundation and Connect2give, nonprofit organizations can leverage the donation potential of mobile phones and create an effective mobile giving channel.

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