What is a short code?

A short code is a shortened phone number of 5 or 6-digits. It is typically used for SMS or MMS messages from mobile phones. Connect2Give uses the easy-to-remember short code 52000 for 2give donations and 91011 for our other tools. We can also reserve a short code strictly for your organization.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is used as an easily recognized identifier for a non-profit campaign running on a given short code. A keyword distinguishes one nonprofit or campaign from another. The keyword enables supporters to donate money to your nonprofit by texting the keyword AID as a message to the short code (52000). Example: Text RONALD or PINK to 52000 to donate $10.

Is it possible to accept larger donations?

Currently it is only possible to collect $5 and $10 donations with 2give. Larger amounts and recurring donations will be available at a later date. However, it is possible to send multiple text messages and thus supporters can easily donate more money. The total amount depends on the carrier. The lowest is $30.00 and the highest is $50.00 – for multiple text donations. In addition, the 2pledge system can accept any size donation not just $5 or $10.

How long does it take to go live?

It takes up to 14 days for your 2give campaign to go live. You must first be approved by the Mobile Giving Foundation (www.mobilegiving.org). Then we will submit your keyword(s) to the carriers. This is done every Tuesday morning for all keywords supplied to us by EOB Monday.  Then the keywords go live the following Wednesday. Example: Mobile Giving Approves you on Monday the 1st. You tell us what you want for a keyword. We submit it to the carriers Tuesday the 2nd. Your campaign is live on Wednesday the 10th. All other tools in our platform are live within 2-3 business days.

Does mobile fundraising work on all carriers?

The Mobile Giving Foundation acts as a clearing house and has established agreements to collect donations from all carriers that agree to provide mobile donation services.  This does include major carriers in the US and in Puerto Rico. NOTE: Not all carriers have agreed to provide mobile donation services but currently most major carriers have agreed. Some pre-paid carriers do not participate. Contact Connect2Give for additional information on specific carriers.

Can I track the progress of donations?

Yes, you will receive login information to Connect2Give's Portal, allowing you to monitor and track the progress of your charity campaign, including number of donations in specific time periods, the cell phone number of the donor and from which carrier the donation came from.  All of the data is exportable into .xls or .csv files.

How can I try it?

Try it out!  Simply text RONALD or PINK to 52000 and see how quick and easy it is to enable new and current supporters to donate. If you do not wish to actually donate, simply text STOP when you receive the confirmation message and nothing will be billed.  If you wish to pass through your donation, then respond with YES.
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